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Amani Kibera 5th Anniversary Celebration – “Ukabila ni Ujinga”

Amani Kibera invites yourself and your organization to be part of its 5th anniversary football tournament to be held for 6 days from 17th December to 22nd December 2012.

The event is an opportunity for young people from all over Kenya to demonstrate their central role in the mission of building friendship, peace, and saying no to negative ethnicity. This being the 5th year for the Amani Kibera Peace Soccer Tournament, young people from Kilifi, Kisumu, Naivasha, Kitale will be hosted by their peers in Kibera in an effort to foster a culture of peace and cultural acceptance in the country. In the selection of participants, we did not discriminate in regards to gender, religion, ethnic or cultural background.

The theme for the event will be “UKABILA NI UJINGA”= (ethnicity is idiocy/stupidity)

The event will be used to recognize and demonstrate the value of sports to unite, motivate, inspire, educate and strengthen the links between people from different ethnic backgrounds. The activities to be undertaken are designed to encourage peaceful solutions and cultural understanding.

Among the activities lined up are:

  • Soccer tournaments
  • Life skill workshops
  • Team building activities
  • Interdenominational prayer meeting
  • Edutainment (educative entertainment).

Invited organizations will also have the opportunity to share their experiences and exhibit their activities. Please come with your fliers, banners, videos, brochures or any other materials with information about your organization for the open space/Market day.

Amani Kibera will work closely with the families of the kids who participate in our activities to provide free family hosting for all the visiting teams! The families will have to be vetted before they are accepted as host families.

Please contact us for more information.

Best Regards,

Ben Ooko

Co-founder Amani Kibera

We are seeking support for the following items to assist us to host this event.  If you would like to pledge your support for any of the below items, please contact Tracey at and she will put you in contact with Amani Kibera.

Additionally, if you would like to attend the tournament, you are very welcome.  It would be great to see as many people as possible coming to support this fantastic event and cheering for peace in Kenya!

These costs are quoted in Kenyan Shillings.  As at 9 October 2012, the exchange rate was 83.5 KES for US$1.

Item description Quantity Unit cost Total
Playing grounds hire 4 X 6 days 3,000/= 72,000/=
Chalk dust 12 Bags 500/= 6,000/=
Soccer balls ( running the tournament) 12 pieces 1,500/= 18,000/=
First aid Kit 6 sets 5,000/= 30,000/=
 Refreshments & others      
Water 15 dozens 840/= 12,600/=
 Soft drinks  30 crates  600/=  18,000/=
Lunch 120 X 6 days 18,000/= 108,000/=
Public address system 1 X 6 days 10,000/= 60,000/=
Tents and chairs 4 X 6 days 4,500/= 108,000/=
Plat form 1 day 10,000/= 10,000/=
Referees  allowance 16 X 6 days 700/= 67,200/=
Awards No 1s (6 Teams)      
Uniforms 1  X  6 teams 20,000/= 120,000/=
Cash Awards 1  X 6 teams 20000/= 120,000/=
Trophy 1  X  6 teams 10,000/= 60,000/=
Medals 18 X 6 teams 200/= 21,600/=
Balls 1  X  6  teams 1,500/= 9,000/=
Awards No 2s (6 Teams)      
Training Bibs 1 X 6 teams 9,000/= 54,000/=
Cash Awards 1X 6 teams 15000/= 90,000/=
Trophy 1 X 6 teams 7,000/= 42,000/=
Medals 18 X 6 teams 200/= 21,600/=
Balls 2 X 6 teams 1,500/= 18,000/=
Awards No 3s (6 Teams)      
Training Cones 1 X 6 teams 5,000/= 30,000/=
Cash awards 1 X 6 teams 10,000/= 60,000/=
Trophy 1 X 6 teams 5,000/= 30,000/=
Medals 18 X 6 teams 200/= 21,600/=
Balls 3 X 6 teams 1,500/= 27,000/=
 Administration cost      
Transport and communication    50,000/= 50,000/=
Media and stationery   40,000 40,000/=
Ambulance 6 days 7000/= 42,000/=
Glucose 20 boxes 960/= 19,200/=
Banners and posters   50,000/= 50,000/=
 Contingency    50,000/=  50,000/=


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